Corporate Cleansing (Isaiah 6:1-13)

Isaiah the prophet is called into the most holies of places.  You would think that he would be overjoyed to encounter the full holies of our Lord, but he is overwhelmed by his placement in the true temple.  Why is Isaiah so upset and concerned?  This is a prophet set apart unto the Lord and so what does he have to worry about?  What is the Lord ultimately going to do to set aside this man’s fears, but at the same time equip this man to come into HIs holy presence?

Elihu's Conclusion (Job 36-37)

Elihu is going to conclude his speech which concludes the counselors speaking.  The counselors have told Job to repent of the sin that Job has committed, but Job has not committed a sin to deserve this punishment.  However, Job has attached the integrity and purity of the Lord claiming that something has gone wrong in how the Lord has treated Job.  Elihu has encouraged Job to drop his case.  Will this man drop his case?  Will Job see the goodness of the Lord?

Sojourning Under the Sun: Sabbath Conforming: Magistrate (Matthew 5:33-48)

Christ tells us not to take an oath, we are not to get vengeance, and we are called to a radical love.  If those things are not hard enough we hear that we are supposed to be perfect as our heavenly father is perfect.  How can we measure up to this standard?  Do we just ignore these commands because they are impossible?  Do we strive to keep them in the hopes that God will still accept us?  What do we do with these difficult commands?

I Am Not Tired (Job 26:1-14)

Job is getting his case ready before the Lord and he will not back down no matter what the counselors say to him.  Job is one who feels the weight of this age, the pursuit of the Lord, and majesty of God.  He knows that God is majestic and Job breaks forth in a wonderful declaration of the Lord’s majesty.  So, why is Job so frustrated?

We are Tired (Job 25:1-6)

This is a very short speech in the book of Job.  The counselors are those who are very wordy, but now we find that they are starting to fade away.  Why are the counselors no longer talking?  Have the counselors run out of words or is something else happening?