We Want a Sovereign Father (Romans 8:18-25)

The Lord rules over this creation and over this world.  When we survey this creation and different challenges that we face in our day to day lives we might question the Lord’s competence.  There is unrest, turmoil, and there is trouble in this world so why do we want our God to be sovereign?  It would seem better if we could try out hand at ruling the world.  So, why is it a good thing that God is sovereign and we are not sovereign? 

Our Compassionate Christ (Matt. 9:35-10:4)

We know that Christ is our redeemer and our messiah.  We know that Christ has entered history to save his people from their sins.  Does this mean that Christ is indifferent or uncaring?  How do we know that our Lord cares about us when we are down here on earth and he resides in glory? 

Redeemed by a Unique God (Ephesians 2:18)

The doctrine of the trinity is a confusing doctrine. How can God be one God and three persons at the same time? Why would we want to talk about God being one God and three persons? How can such talk be encouraging and necessary? Is it necessary to speak of God being one God and three persons?

God or Satan? (Matthew 9:18-34)

Matthew tells us that this Jesus is the embodiment of Yahweh’s salvation that his name means, “Yahweh Saves.”  There are two ways that we can understand Christ conducting himself.  He could have his authority from Satan so he is only deceiving his followers or he can have his authority from God.  I think that his authority is from God, but who do you say empowers Christ?  This is the question that Matthew desires us to answer. 

Why Do We Have Deacons? (Acts 6:1-6)

Acts 6 lays out a complaint which recalls for us the Old Testament tragedies when Israel complained against the Lord.  It seems as if the New Testament church is just like the redeemed people of Israel who can only complain about the Lord’s shepherding care.  Why is it that the Lord does not consume them?  Why is it that the Apostles actually concede and act on this complaint?  

Is Faith Really Necessary? (Hebrews 11:1-12)

Christians are very familiar with Hebrews 11 which is sometimes called the “Heroes of the faith.”   There is no doubt that they suffered on account of their convictions, but what moved them? Is the point that they believed or is the point that they walked in the faith? What does it mean that they walked in the faith?

Why Was God Made Sin? (2 Corinthians 5:21)

The Apostle Paul uses this strange language that Christ was made sin. How can a holy God be made sin? Is the Apostle Paul just trying to shock us for no reason? Is Paul laying out some sort of heresy? What can the Apostle possibly mean by this language?

Righteous Rebels (Matthew 9:9-17)

There is no doubt that Christ is the standard of wisdom. He is the embodiment of wisdom and so we would expect his followers to embrace him. We find that not only do the pharisees question Christ’s credibility, but so do John’s disciples. What basis do they have to question them? Did Christ do something wrong or are they out of line?

What Sort of Redeemer? (Hebrews 7)

We are a sinful people confirmed in sin and have no hope apart from the Grace of God.  It is a blessing that the Lord shows his grace to us, but how do we know that his grace in enough?  How do we know that the promises of the Gospel are enough to save?  How do we know that having Christ as our priest is enough for our entrance into heaven?

Inconsolable Insiders (Matthew 9:1-8)

Christ comes to the other side of the sea and is in his home town and district.  It would seem that everything is going to go well because now Christ is among his own people who should embrace him.  We find that Christ announces the significance of his office by forgiving sins.  Christ came to redeem us from our sins so why would Christ’s forgiving sins be so controversial?