Job’s Wish Granted (Job 38-40:5)

Job clings and defends his innocence.  He is a man who has not done anything to receive the punishment, the suffering, and the pain he has experienced.  This is all out of line and how can the Lord do such a horrible thing to such a righteous man?  Job fights for his day in court and now Job has his day to defend himself before the Lord.  Will Job give an adequate defense?  Will God concede that something has gone wrong?

We are Tired (Job 25:1-6)

This is a very short speech in the book of Job.  The counselors are those who are very wordy, but now we find that they are starting to fade away.  Why are the counselors no longer talking?  Have the counselors run out of words or is something else happening?

Living the Quiet and Peaceful Life (1 Timothy 2:8-15)

When people hear about Christianity and gender distinctions they tend to dismiss the Bible thinking that it is just some archaic book that does not understand our contemporary times.  Is this really fair or the intention of the Word of God?   So, how do we know that men and women are different?  How do we know that this distinction was intentional from the creation?  How do we know that this distinction is respectable and is something that we can celebrate as we celebrate the distinctive gifts of man and woman?