Living it Out: Gospel Informed Ethics (Matthew 7:01-14

Our Lord gives us the warning about being judgmental.  This is somewhat strange because our Lord will judge the religious rulers in Matthew’s gospel, our Lord pronounces judgments against others, and our Lord does not approve of sin.  So, how can our Lord rebuke us for being judgmental when Christ is the judgmental judge?

Worship Elements: Lord’s Day Services (John 20:1-23)

Christ’s entrance into history has an impact on the way that Old Testaments saints used to worship. We can see the sacrifices going away, the temple going away, and those things that pointed to Christ no longer being necessary for Christ has come. So, does this mean that the church has a precedence of worshipping any desired day of the week? Is the church still supposed to worship morning and evening?

Living it Out: Kingdom Focused (Matthew 6:19-34)

Our Lord calls us to be light in the world. So often we think that we need greater strategies to impact our particular circles. This is certainly something to pray about and to potentially discuss with one another. However, our Lord calls us to look beyond this immediate age. Where are we called to look? How do we know that our Lord is with us as we look to heaven’s glory?

Lord's Day Offering (1 Cor. 16:1-4)

One of the jokes that people make about the Dutch Reformed tradition is that every time the church gets together there is an offering.  This is exaggerated, but it is a perception that people have regarding reformed churches. There are other traditions who do not take an offering in the context of worship, but they put a box in the back of church.  So, why would we take an offering in the context of worship?  

Living it Out (3) (Matthew 6:1-18)

The Lord has given some pretty strong commands as he expounds the intention of the law. We might want to turn away, tune out the sermon, and take our own path. Our Lord continues to give some assurances that he really has come to save sinners. How do we know that our God can and will love a struggling people?

Sabbath People Journeying to Heaven (Heb 4:8-16)

The reality is that the people of God are called to enter the rest that Israel looked to enter. You would think that they arrived in the rest having the land, but yet there is still a day that is marked as a day of rest. How can this exhortation for us to strive to enter that rest be encouraging for us?

Living it Out (2) (Matthew 5:33-48)

Christ gives us the church hard words and difficult words for us to follow.  So, as we hear the next series of commands do we just dismiss them?  Why would Christ give us such impossible things to follow? How do we live out these commands in Scripture?