An Unarmed Warrior (Isaiah 49:1-13)

The promised warrior is supposed to secure a life that never ends.  You would expect such a warrior to be well armed, and be dressed for battle in the most intimidating way.  This is what we want as humans to know that this warrior is an intimidating being.  The problem with this is it is not the picture that Isaiah casts for the redeeming warrior.  What kind of warrior will deliver and why is this the warrior that we need?

Hear All Peoples? (Micah 1:1-5)

The prophet Micah was sent to Israel with a message that was very relevant and urgent for the Northern and Southern Kingdoms in Canaan.  It is tempting to think that this is an in-house problem that impacts the immediate recipients of the letter excusing us from all responsibility.  However, Micah calls all peoples to listen.  All peoples are to hear the prophet speak.  Why should we care what happens to these people in this unique time?  What relevant message can the prophet bring to us today?