The Priority of Worshipping God (Haggai 1)

All Christians struggle with the more subtle sins of ingratitude, apathy, and sloth when it comes to the worship of God. For the Jewish people in the first chapter of Haggai, this manifested itself in their indifference to rebuild the temple of the Lord. As a result, the Lord rebuked of their false priorities in idolizing their own affairs, but then he graciously revived them again in true worship, and promised to again be in their midst.

Glory of the Son of God (John 17:1-5; Jer. 31:31-34)

In this first part of Jesus' high priestly prayer, he prays that God would glorify him through the dark hour of the cross, and exalt him to his right hand. It is through his cross and resurrection that believers receive eternal life, and come to know the only true God in the face of Jesus Christ

(Preached by our summer intern Mr. Daniel Ventura)