Hallowed Be Your Name (Luke 11:2; LD 47)

Normally our second sermon would be posted to the web this morning, but due to technical issues the second sermon did not get recorded.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but normally they will be posted on Wednesday and Friday mornings each week. 


UPDATE:  We got the file off the CD.  Here is the evening sermon from last week.  


The Lord’s prayer teaches us that we are to pray for all things Spiritual and physical.  It is interesting that as we pray for all we need physically and spiritually that there is no request in the Lord’s prayer for our sanctification.  This is strange considering that we are called to offer ourselves as living sacrifices to the Lord and conform to Him.  So, why is it that we are not to ask for the grace to conform, but only that the Lord’s name is made Holy?  He is God and the absolute standard of Holiness.  So, why would we ask a Holy God to be Holy when we need to be made holy?