Jesus’ Tempations (Matthew 4:1-11)

We believe that Jesus is Immanuel or God with us.  He is enters history to save his people from their sins.  So, if Christ’s mission is to save his people from their sins then why is he wasting his time in the wilderness?  Why would Christ spend this time being tempted rather than just go to the cross? How can these temptations be so essential for Christ’s mission?  How can these temptations be essential for Christ’s mission to save his people from their sins? 

Sojourning Under the Sun: Sabbath Stall (2) (Numbers 20)

What is so rebellious about Moses striking the rock two times?  We might think that this is a question that is out of line, but Moses is commanded to strike the rock in Exodus 17.  Why is it okay for him to strike the rock in Exodus 17, but not okay for him to strike the rock in Numbers 20?  What does Moses do that is so bad?  Is God just a moody being who judges people in a very vindictive and unpredictable way?  What did God intend the people to see through Moses?

Close, but Not There (Mark 12:28-44)

One scribe at least appears to be willing to talk with Christ and understand what Christ is teaching.  Finally, we see a teacher of Israel at least treating Christ as an equal.  We know that Christ is not an equal, but it is better than the previous context where the leadership desires to trap Christ.  So, will the leaders follow Christ and submit to Him?  How does a woman who gives with a cheerful heart indict the current leadership?

The First Tests (Mark 12:13-27)

The pharisees and the sadducees finally have Christ right where they want him.  In their minds they have trapped Christ into either losing credibility with the people or being charged as an insurrectionist.  How is Christ going to get out of this trap?  What does Christ teach as He responds to their trap?

Which King Prevails? (Mark 6:7-30)

One great struggle with being a Christian is seeing the world continually slide down hill when we want it to be getting better.  Is this something that is unique to our time?  Does this mean that the Lord has turned His back on us and this world?  Does this mean that the Lord has been dethroned from all His glory?