Sabbath People Journeying to Heaven (Heb 4:8-16)

The reality is that the people of God are called to enter the rest that Israel looked to enter. You would think that they arrived in the rest having the land, but yet there is still a day that is marked as a day of rest. How can this exhortation for us to strive to enter that rest be encouraging for us?

One Mediator of All? (1 Timothy 2:1-7; LD 18; BC Article 26)

The claim that there is one mediator that we have in Christ seems like a poor arrangement.  We think that it stands to reason that to have more eggs in more baskets provides for us additional security.  So, why would we wantto rest in the one God-Man who resides in the glory of heaven? So, why is it good that we have one mediator?  What does it mean that He is the mediator of all?  Why would we be content with such a mediator?