Glorious Praise (Jude 1:24-26)

Jude is not the first letter that we read for our personal or corporate encouragement as it is a letter that is a challenge to understand.  It is also a letter that deals a lot with judgment. Jude desires to write to the church about the common faith once for all delivered, but instead writes about the pressing matter concerning the false teachers.  So, how can this letter go beyond its immediate context?  What encouragement can we glean from this letter?  Why press forward in this life?

Sojourning Under the Sun: Sabbath Celebration (Exodus 15:1-18)

Exodus 15 gives us a picture of a Sabbath celebration.  Moses and the Israelites join together in praising God for the manifestation of His redemption.    We can understand Israel joining together in this victory chorus because this is the conclusion of their 400 some years of enslavement and suffering.   What does this celebration say about the Lord and his provision?  What is the ultimate hope that we see by God delivering His people?  How is this hope very relevant for us today?