Concluding Exhortations (Jude 1:17-23)

Jude writes a letter with some very strong warnings cautioning people about challenging God. Jude has appealed to angels, battles before history, judgments in history and before history, and he has appealed to many events to make his case. The point of these events is to communicate that God always wins. This is an intriguing book, but how are we to live for the Lord in light of these exhortations? Are we to be terrified of our God?

Living in the Last Days (3) (Mark 13:32-37)

Christ continues to talk about suffering and struggle in these last days.  We can be assured that as the temple was destroyed with Jerusalem that the end of the world is guaranteed.  So, if we know that the end of the world is coming then how shall we live?  Really?  Do we need to get very busy to make sure that this world is prepared for the Lord?  Do we just be fatalistic and say it is coming what can we do anyway?  Or is there something to Christ exhorting us to watch out and be on our guard that puts the coming end in a positive light?

Living in the Last Days (2) (Mark 13:24-32)

Christ has talked about a life of suffering and struggle.  The reality is that it is not encouraging to to think that one can pursue the kingdom only to find that there is just more and more suffering in this world.  So, why continue if the Christian message seems to be suffer, then suffer some more, and then eventually die.  Is that really the message?  What is the comfort we take in the midst of the tragic day that happens in Jerusalem? How does that tell us this suffering will not always continue and be the thing that defines us?

Living in the Last Days (Mark 13:1-23)

The Christian life is a life that has high points and low points.  When we face the trying seasons are temptation is to wonder what we have done wrong.  When we face seasons of life when things go well for us then our temptation is to think that we have done something that is honorable or right in the Lord.  Should we anchor or lives in what we see and experience in this world or is that a faulty life orientation?  What should we expect as we go through this life and what is the basis of our expectation?