The Horror of Exaltation (Micah 4:9-5:4)

Micah 5:4 is a wonderful prophecy about the accomplishment of Christ’s work.  There is no doubt that Micah is promising the ultimate victory of the Lord through humiliation.  If victory is promised then how can this humiliation be a horrible thing?  It would seem not that horrible because at the end of the story is the exaltation of Christ.  So, if the Lord is exalted then what can be so bad?  If this is just Micah presenting the gospel then how can the gospel be so difficult to embrace?

Christ’s Sorrow and Saving (Luke 2:25-35)

It is easy to reduce Christmas down to a time of sentimental feelings or desires.  There are some people who might see Christmas only as joy, while there are others who might only dwell on the loss of loved ones.  There is no doubt that we may even vacillate between these two feelings.  It is also true that both of these views have a basis.  So, how do we keep these feelings or desires in a proper perspective?  How can our God understand both of these views of Christmas?  How does the strange man Simeon even help us to keep our Christmas struggle in perspective or reorient our priorities?