The Paradox of Wisdom (3) (Matthew 10:40-11:1)

Christ has discussed and warned his disciples about the struggles and issues that the church will face in time as they go to carry out Christ’s mission.  The temptation is not to go forward with Christ’s mission.  I mean if this is a kingdom that only involves cross bearing plus suffering then why go?  Christ gives the assurance that we go because we will receive the prophet’s reward.  So, what is that prophet’s reward?

Our Compassionate Christ (Matt. 9:35-10:4)

We know that Christ is our redeemer and our messiah.  We know that Christ has entered history to save his people from their sins.  Does this mean that Christ is indifferent or uncaring?  How do we know that our Lord cares about us when we are down here on earth and he resides in glory?