Outsiders on the Inside (Matthew 8:1-17)

Matthew is writing a Gospel not just to confirm that Christ is the Messiah, but to call people to embrace the true Messiah in faith.  So, is this a Gospel that is merely rebuking the Israelites for not embracing their God?  Is this a Gospel that is excessive for one race?  Who can be an insider?

The Inglorious Reward (Mark 9:14-29)

You would think that after showing the glory of heaven to the disciples that there would be great joy in this. Finally, a kingdom that they could embrace, and see.  A kingdom that manifests the glory of the Lord.  However, this is not how the kingdom is manifested with the disciples at all.  So, why is it in the midst of what appears to be the disciples flailing that the kingdom is still working?  Why does Mark include this story in HIs narrative?

Is it Better to Heal or Destroy? (Mark 2:23-3:4)

Humanity has a funny way of conducting justice.  We want justice, and want to see things done correctly.   The reason why this is funny is because we want other people to do the right thing while missing our particular infractions.  This is the crux of Christ’s question: is it better to heal or destroy?  In other words if you are going to do an infraction would you want this to be done erring on the side of grace or contradicting justice?

Experiencing the Miracle of Healing (Mark 2:1-12)

When we talk about the Christian life so often we want something that is radical to happen.  For instance, we want to see a man who has not walked in years to all of a sudden get up a walk.  This is why miracle workers are so profitable.  There is no doubt in my mind that the people who had their ailments truly taken away in the power of Christ are those who had a deep appreciation for His ministry as their physical discomfort was removed once for all.  However, do we really understand the true ailment in the Christian life?  Do we as humans really see our ailments and short comings? So, how do we really experience the miracle of healing?