Worship Elements: Preaching: Evangelistic (Romans 1:16-17)

Our confession does not merely say that we preach the word, but we preach the Gospel.  Why not have a mature church that no longer needs the Gospel because they have advanced beyond it.  Then we could have churches that are more geared to young Christians.    What basis do we have to preach the gospel for all members of Christ’s church? 

Worship Elements: Preaching: An Assuring Promise (Genesis 28)

Jacob leaves home sent away as a covenantal fugitive to fend for himself at his uncle’s house.  He is left alone in the deserve literally stripped of everything that he valued.  Is all lost?  What can Jacob’s vision in the midst of his existential crises teach us about preaching and the gospel message?

Sojourning Under the Sun: Sabbath Situated (Matthew 28:16-20)

We all know that the great commission is the call for the church to go out and to make disciples.  This is something that Christ explicitly states, but is this really the Great Commission?  What are we missing when we only talk about the call for the church to go out?