Sojourning Under the Sun: Sabbath Situated (Matthew 28:16-20)

We all know that the great commission is the call for the church to go out and to make disciples.  This is something that Christ explicitly states, but is this really the Great Commission?  What are we missing when we only talk about the call for the church to go out?

Why Preach if Elect Anyway? (1 Peter 1:23-25 (COD Heads 3/4 Art. 17)

I believe that God has chosen His people before the foundations of the world.  This is something that is rather risky for a preacher to believe because if God chooses His people then what is the point of preaching?  I mean really, if God just does what God desires then why preach?  Why care about the people who do not know the Lord? So, why do we preach if God chooses HIs people anyway?

Why Preach if God has Chosen His People? (Romans 10:14-15 (COD Head 1 Article 3; LD 6)

One of the great struggles that people have with the Reformed faith is the notion that if God chooses His people then why preach or send missionaries?  We can understand the force of this because if God has determined what has happened then why do anything?  It would seem that we are merely helpless pawns in the game of life.  Is this fair?  Is this really what Reformed people believe about preaching?

God Loves the World? (John 3:16 (LD 5; COD Head 2 Article 1-4)

John 3:16 is a passage that seems to show the problem with a Reformed doctrine of salvation.  It seems to be rather plain and simple that it is God who loves the world.  So, if God loves the world then how can God only apply the blessings of Christ to His people?  How would a Reformed person explain this text without explaining the whole text away?