No, You Are Wicked! (Job 20:1-29)

It is time for Zophar to express his concerns regarding Job’s convictions.  He is going to continue his conviction about traditional wisdom making clear that this is the wisdom that has been manifested since man walked the earth.  If Zophar has surveyed human history then he has to be right in his assessment of the problem right?

Sojourning Under the Sun: Exile (Genesis 3)

Adam is in the garden of Eden, called to honor the Lord, and love the Lord.  There is a tree that God placed in Eden which will confer upon him the knowledge of Good and Evil.  Is it wrong to eat of this tree just because the Lord says so?  Is the Lord holding something back from Adam that would be good for him?  How bad would it be for Adam to eat of the tree?  What would ultimately happen to the human race and this world?  This chapter in Genesis truly is a history changing moment.

Deceived then Relieved (Genesis 3:15)

Do we think about what it means when we say things like, “Jesus is the reason for the season?”  There is no doubt that Christ’s entrance into history is significant, but why is it significant?  What does it teach us about God being Sovereign and man not being as sovereign as man thinks?