Worship Elements: You and Your Children (Acts 2:39)

Peter takes his stand in the midst of the skeptics in Jerusalem.  Peter makes the point that the Lord was sent to the cross by these wicked men who listen to Peter’s sermon.   What does baptism have to do with Christ’s mission and the reception of the Holy Spirit?  Does Baptism have any correlation to the Old Testament?  Why does Peter say that the promise is for you and your children?

Worship Elements: Preaching: An Assuring Promise (Genesis 28)

Jacob leaves home sent away as a covenantal fugitive to fend for himself at his uncle’s house.  He is left alone in the deserve literally stripped of everything that he valued.  Is all lost?  What can Jacob’s vision in the midst of his existential crises teach us about preaching and the gospel message?

Easter’s Champion Servant Warrior (Isa. 52:13-53:12)

On Good Friday we considered this servant song from the perspective of the suffering servant.  We saw that the sermon was clearly presenting a suffering warrior.  This is not a song that we normally associate with resurrection.  Is there a message of resurrection in this song?  Or is the resurrection something that is only taught in the New Testament?

Wanting the Whole Person (Micah 6:1-8)

The Lord offers Israel a series of options regarding sacrifices that might relieve them of the coming exile.  You would think that Israel, with a sacrificial system, could offer the Lord enough sacrifices to turn away the foreign army.  You can almost imagine the people thinking about going to the temple, pooling resources, and making the priests work overtime to gather together enough to avoid impending doom.  This is possible until the Lord asks them about child sacrifice.  Does the Lord really want them to sacrifice their children?  If there is not enough then what can appease this Holy God?  How can we please such a sovereign, mighty, and holy God as mere fallen creatures?