Established in Heaven (James 5:7-11)

James greets the church as sojourners through this world as James greets us as saints in the dispersion.  We are a people who are to see ourselves as a guaranteed a land, but we are not in that land.  There is no doubt that living life under the sun is challenging, and we can be tempted to give up on the sojourn.  We, like Israel, might wonder if the Lord is coming to fulfill his promises.  How do we know that the Lord is fulfilling His promises?  How do we know that the Lord will bring us into the promised land?  How does this impact our lives today?

Living in the Last Days (3) (Mark 13:32-37)

Christ continues to talk about suffering and struggle in these last days.  We can be assured that as the temple was destroyed with Jerusalem that the end of the world is guaranteed.  So, if we know that the end of the world is coming then how shall we live?  Really?  Do we need to get very busy to make sure that this world is prepared for the Lord?  Do we just be fatalistic and say it is coming what can we do anyway?  Or is there something to Christ exhorting us to watch out and be on our guard that puts the coming end in a positive light?

When Will He Return? (Matthew 25:31-46; LD 19)

The million dollar question that is on everyone’s mind is, “When will He return?”  That is when is Christ going to come again?  I know when I say everyone’s mind this sounds like an overstatement, but even the skeptic wants an answer to this.  The skeptic is asking the question in a sarcastic way, but the fundamental desire is that the skeptic wants to visibly see Christ.  The problem humanity has is that we tend to think that the long delay of Christ’s return demonstrates that Christ is weak or that we are at least equals with Christ.  The skeptic is not scared, but more curious.  Unfortunately, many times as Christians we are scared of Christ’s return.  Why should we look forward to Christ’s return rather than dread it?