The King of kings (Matthew 2:1-12)

Strange star gazers from the east come to worship Christ.  These are men that we would expect to be hostile to the mission of Christ, and do everything possible to destroy Christ.  We would expect that Herod who is the king of the jews embrace the Messiah for the Messiah is God with us.  How can strangers expected to be opposed to the Messiah’s mission show the power of the Messiah’s mission? 

Sojourning Under the Sun: Our Sabbath Jesus (Matthew 1)

The name Jesus is a name that we have heard before in this series because it is the same name as Joshua.  Joshua was a great military leader and reformer in the midst of Israel.  He called Israel to look to their God, to serve their God exclusively, and to set the tone for their houses to serve the Lord.  Israel fell pretty far from this as a new people.  Their priests lost sight of their God, and the people lost sight of the priest’s significance.  The priest was supposed to bring them to God rather than being some sort of good luck charms to manipulate the true God.  So, is the Lord able to redeem such a people?  If the Lord can redeem such a people then who has to be the redeemer?

Sojourning Under the Sun: Sabbath Warrior (Joshua 5)

The people of Israel finally have the joy of celebrating their passover in the promised land.  They are finally cut off from the manna that sustained their life in the wilderness.  Now, it is time for them to secure this land.  Will Israel recognize that it has been the Lord this whole time sustaining and giving them life?  Will Israel see that God is the one who fights for His people?  How is our Lord going to communicate this to the Israelites?

The Horror of Exaltation (Micah 4:9-5:4)

Micah 5:4 is a wonderful prophecy about the accomplishment of Christ’s work.  There is no doubt that Micah is promising the ultimate victory of the Lord through humiliation.  If victory is promised then how can this humiliation be a horrible thing?  It would seem not that horrible because at the end of the story is the exaltation of Christ.  So, if the Lord is exalted then what can be so bad?  If this is just Micah presenting the gospel then how can the gospel be so difficult to embrace?

One Mediator of All? (1 Timothy 2:1-7; LD 18; BC Article 26)

The claim that there is one mediator that we have in Christ seems like a poor arrangement.  We think that it stands to reason that to have more eggs in more baskets provides for us additional security.  So, why would we wantto rest in the one God-Man who resides in the glory of heaven? So, why is it good that we have one mediator?  What does it mean that He is the mediator of all?  Why would we be content with such a mediator?

Limited or Universal Atonement? (1)(Hebrews 9:23-28; 10:11-18 COD Head 2 Article 3, 8)

The Reformed position on Christ’s death on the cross is probably not the majority view in Christianity.  If this position is held by a minority then what basis would people have to hold it? How do we see that really any conservative Christian believes in a limited atonement?  What is more, how can the Reformed definition of a limited atonement actually teach a very gracious God?

Christmas Generations (Matthew 1:1-17)

When we summarize  our history we tend to avoid the embarrassing people in our family line.  We all have those relatives that we do not like to talk about because of what they have done or what they are currently doing.  So, when our Lord lays out the genealogy of Chris you would think that He is going to call to our attention the good people and ignore the embarrassing ones?  Well, if you look at the genealogy some of the most embarrassing skeletons in the closet are brought out front and center.  Why would our Lord do that?  Why would our Lord even give us a genealogy at all?