The Ordeal Champion (Psalm 69)

There are times when we are tempted to think that God is not walking with us in the midst of our trials.  We can think that the Lord is not really there nor is the Lord really all that gracious.  We can think that until we consider the words of Psalm 69.  How can the words of Psalm 69 and the suffering of our Lord encourage us in those trying times? 

Wanting the Lord’s Kingdom (Psalm 122; LD 48)

When we talk about the Kingdom of God we normally associate the Kingdom of God as being something that is present here and now.  So, if the Kingdom is present here and now then why would we ask the Lord for the Kingdom to come?  The Lord will establish His kingdom despite any forces that may stand against it.  So, what does it mean that we ask for the Lord’s kingdom to come?

This Day Our Daily Bread” (Psalm 145 (LD 50)

Our temptation is to trust in ourselves for our daily physical needs.  We can look to money we have set aside for a rainy day, our investments, our business opportunities, or maybe just our shrewd handling of money.  The temptation we have as creatures is that we can trust in our abilities for our daily provisions rather than the Lord.  So, why is this wrong and what does the prayer request regarding the Lord providing our daily bread put our financial priorities in perspective?

Thankful for Steadfast Love (Psalm 118)

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when we should be thankful for the Lord’s provision and care.  Many times we can focus on the material blessings we desire or the physical blessings that we see around us.  It is not necessarily a bad thing for us to think about the Lord blessing His children with material gifts, but we can loose sight of the giver.  How do we put the blessings of the Lord in the proper perspective?  What is the most basic blessing that the Lord has provided for us?