Sojourning Under the Sun: Sabbath Solution (Genesis 12:1-20)

The Lord has been reacting to what man is doing under the heaven.  Man is trying to establish a personal Sabbath Garden like Eden where God is going to be lead around like a little dog catering to the wishes of man.  Is the Lord going to allow something like this to happen again and again?  What about the promise of the Lord raising up a faithful line to love Him, honor Him, and serve Him?  Moses introduces to us a new character that the Lord has chosen to use in the building of His kingdom.

A Christmas Transition (Genesis 49:8-12)

The season of Christmas concludes with New Years.  New Year’s Day is a day of transition of moving from an old year to a new year.  It is our tradition to make resolutions and hope that the new year is better and more blessed than last year.  This is not necessarily a bad thing provided that we are doing this in the confidence of the grace of God, but what should be the ultimate hope for the new year?  What should be our focus as we move from this year to the next year?  What can Jacob teach us about a struggled life in the Lord as he prepares for the ultimate transition from this age to being with our Lord?

The Christmas Covenant (Genesis 15)

As protestants we champion the promise that we are justified by faith.  Justification by faith is a wonderful promise because we can be assured of enteringinto the presence of God by faith in Christ.  So, how did this blessing come to be?  Is this merely a New Testament promise?  What precedent do we see for such a promise?

Deceived then Relieved (Genesis 3:15)

Do we think about what it means when we say things like, “Jesus is the reason for the season?”  There is no doubt that Christ’s entrance into history is significant, but why is it significant?  What does it teach us about God being Sovereign and man not being as sovereign as man thinks?