A Long-suffering and Weak God? (Micah 2:1-11)

I am sure that you have heard before that if we hold out the gospel too much then people will not seek to honor the Lord because they will not be afraid of Him.  In other words, if we do not really show the justice or the judgement of God then we will have a people that just live in rebellion.  What does Micah teach about the real issue or the real problem that confronts us?  What is the real issue that is before us, and what is the message that is to be proclaimed?

The Coming Pun-ishment (Micah 1:6-16)

The people of Israel are facing the wrath of the Lord that is coming against them.  They will experience this wrath, but what did they do that was so wrong?  Why does the prophet mention a series of place names that are difficult for us to pin on a map?  How do those cities communicate the punishment that is coming?  What is the hope in the midst of the promised punishment?  What could this punishment possibly teach us?

Hear All Peoples? (Micah 1:1-5)

The prophet Micah was sent to Israel with a message that was very relevant and urgent for the Northern and Southern Kingdoms in Canaan.  It is tempting to think that this is an in-house problem that impacts the immediate recipients of the letter excusing us from all responsibility.  However, Micah calls all peoples to listen.  All peoples are to hear the prophet speak.  Why should we care what happens to these people in this unique time?  What relevant message can the prophet bring to us today?