Sojourning Under the Sun: Anti-Sabbath (Judges 19)

There are stories in the Bible where we can see the victory of God’s plan working out.  We think of Moses leading israel out of Egypt.  That is a great story and a great time in covenant history.  We think of Joshua saying his farewell to Israel.  Yes, it is tragic to say good-bye to godly leader.  However, at the same time there is the wonderful reminder for Israel to see that their life and identity is to be found in the Lord and the Lord alone.  There are also other stories in the Bible that are just downright tragic.  Judges 19 recalls such a tragic history where a Levite should know better, but he refuses to do what is honorable to the Lord.  So, what do we make of Judges 19 with the Levite and his concubine?  What does this reveal about our sojourning under the sun?