The Absurdity of Honest Business (LD 42; Deuteronomy 25:13-19)

There is a certain wisdom in cheating people out of money in terms of worldly wisdom.  It would seem that we would get ahead and increase our earnings.  We want to believe that if we cheat to get ahead it will not really cost us anything and it will make our business ventures all that much more profitable.  This is not what the Lord would have us do.  The Lord does not see such deceptive practices as honorable to HIm.  In fact, we find that Moses makes explicit that we are not to have two different kinds of weights in our house.  Why is Moses concerned about the Israelites having two sets of weights?  What is the problem of us having a different weight in a bag and a different weight in the house?  How can we use this old standard to learn how to live a pleasing life to the Lord today.